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MagniLink Viewer

MagniLink Viewer

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MagniLink Viewer enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your iPAD and is available for download in App Store.

Download button for Apple App Store, click to download MagniLink Viewer (needs to be on an IOS device). 

Specifications for MagniLink Viewer:

Minimum system requirements 

  • iPadOS 15.0 or later 
  • 9th generation iPad or newer 

Recommended system requirements 

  • iPadOS 16.0 or later 
  • 5th generation iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display and M1 chip (or newer) 

Please note that the iPad Pro, which came out after the iPad, has a lower generation number than the iPad.
If you're using MagniLink Viewer with MagniLink iTAB, there are additional system requirements for the iPad, see product page here

Updates in Magnilink Viewer v 2.6 (May 28, 2024)

  • Able to set different video modes for MagniLink cameras
  • Scan QR codes
  • Faster zoom for MagniLink AIR Go camera
  • Pinch and zoom now works for external iTAB camera (bugfix)
  • Improved gesture use (bugfix)

Updates in MagniLink Viewer v 2.5 (Jan 4, 2024)

  • MagniLink cameras can now be connected directly to the iPad via USB

  • One view for the built in front and back camera, where you can switch between them

  • Artificial colors is now applied to images taken.

  • App now support Split View

Updates in MagniLink Viewer v 2.1 (Oct 17, 2023)

  • Works with older MagniWiFi camera

  • Bug fixes for the Notepad tool