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MagniLink Voice ll - Vorelesegerät


1. Is it possible to use the unit while the battery is being charged?

Yes, MagniLink Voice ll can be used and charged simultaneously. 


2. MagniLink Voice ll wasn’t equipped with a battery from the factory; is it possible to buy and install a battery?

No, the battery option is a factory installed option.


3. Is it possible to add languages and voices to the unit?

Yes, it is possible to add/change features afterwards and also to use external SAPI5-voices, such as Acapela/Infovox4.

4. Is it possible to change the sound profile?

Yes, please enter “advanced settings” and choose menu “sound profile”. Six different sound profiles are available. 


5. Some users often use documents with different languages – does the unit recognize different languages?

Yes, by activating automatic languages recognition. This could be done in the “advanced settings”– refer to the manual or see page 9 for further details. The standard setting is “off”, as this setting improves OCR performance.